I have been in the final stages of my last big project before I kick off for the summer. My kids are home in the summer and they spend endless hours by the pool, so I use that time to read and hardly have any studio time — so I try to finish my work before school ends. My last quilt is currently blocked — I think it is dry — and I’m going to go photograph it in a few minutes.

That leaves me with almost 3 weeks — not as much as you would think since there is a lot of extra stuff going on right now — to do small projects. One of those is a gift for my mom. I decided to make her a cell phone pouch that she can move from purse to purse — and I found a great pattern at Susan Brubaker Knapp’s site HERE.

The first one I made for myself. Selfish, I know, but it gives me the chance to try out the pattern & make mistakes on the first one. I could have used more artsy fabric, but really, I just want something that will slip in my black bag and not stand out — so I used a reverse black & white toile I had on hand. For mom’s, I used a pink eiffel tower toile that I used for a purse I made for her a couple of years ago. It isn’t her every day purse, but it will match & that appealed to me.


I thought when I made them that I needed to extend the strap — from 4″ to 8″ — but really, once you add the caribeener clip, 8″ is too long — so after I took these pictures, I went back & adjusted the strap back down to 4″.

I mailed mom’s off this morning. I hope she likes it. I love mine.