I have been quilting since 2000. Like many other women before me, the challenges in my life led me to find creative exploration in the needle arts. Very quickly, I realized that I was not the kind of quilter to be content with following someone else’s pattern. I studied technique as much as possible and began developing my own work. I was raised by an oil painter and was invited down the same path but found fiber different enough that it could be mine. Through the progression of years, my work has become more focused on portraits. I find them challenging when portrayed in fabric, both commercial prints and hand dyes, and I delight in finding that little spark in each individual and showing it in my work. Enjoy the gallery of my work. I present it in the hopes of inspiring someone else that needs to find something within themselves.

What’s New

12/22/19: Mistr Men

5/20/18: Sideways Glance

12/12/17: Kneel Before Me

6/31//17: Tasty & King Charles

4/1/17: Tattoo

1/24/17: Justice & Freedom

9/18/16: Loyal

8/22/16: Minerva

5/24/16: Yvonne in the Garden

5/1/16: The Abyss

3/7/16: Dripped

2/29/16: The Canary & Micro Bubble Series II

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