June 2004
46 x 36 1/2

I made this piece after finding a butterfly in my garage. He was lying perfectly still with his wings open and didn’t close them even when I got very close. I took several photographs. I liked the one that made it look like he was inspected through a microscope although I’ve had a couple of people (including a judge) tell me that they wanted to see the entire butterfly. (To each his own.)

Soon after I took the pictures, he closed his wings and died. He fell to pieces and was gathered in the wind.

I used all fabrics from my stash except one — the black and gold. It was difficult to portray the colors in this particular genus, but I find that if I stand several feet away from the piece when viewing, the effect is similar to the real butterfly.

Pacific International Quilt Festival, October 2004

Quilts at the Falls, October 2004 (Gadsden Quilt Guild), 2nd Place, Applique Wall Hanging

Artworks Gallery, May – July 2006

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