The Price of Passage

August 2009
27 1/2 x 16 3/4 x 11 tall

In modern day life, there is a distinct absence of magic. If we are lucky enough to have children, we can sometimes glimpse it and its hidden opportunities through the artistic endeavors of others, usually authors of books. In growing up and maturing, we willingly let go of what we think is possible and cling to what is realistic, and in the end, we are usually unhappy and dissatisfied. We have closed our eyes to what could be.

The Price of Passage is a sculptural fiber piece based around the ideas of reality and possibility. It is a reality that we generally have to pay for wherever we go and whatever we do. It is possibility that the person hiding under the bridge could be a troll, waiting to extract a certain price from us. In the hidden depths of our creative minds, we know that you can’t have a hanging bridge in the middle of the forest without a troll waiting for payment. Our logical brain doesn’t accept that it is possible, but our creative brain knows that it could be.

Cotton fabric, Peltex, beads, tyvek, paint, tulle, yarn, crochet thread, and wool.

Fiber Art Fusion: Exploring Dimension, The Art Place, Marietta, GA September 2009

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