The Back Door

September 2005
17 x 18
Private Collection

This quilt started from the QuiltSwap challenge on the Quiltart internet list. I was very interested in experimenting with fabric paint and applied bronze metallic paint to a plain black fabric using a gorgeous stamp that I had bought without knowing what I would do with it. The heart was created by laying out as many different colors of red fabric that I had in my collection that would fit in that small space. I then added embroidery stitches to hold them together — using red as well as blue to indicate mood changes that spark across the human heart. Then I added it to the background and cut out the door.

I loved the leftover pieces so much that I used them on the back, but as I did this, I grew to love the back as much as the front and it become a truly two sided piece.

I flame stitched the heart with metallic red thread and added free form feathery shapes around the heart using black thread. I was really intrigued by what the red thread did on the bronze and black — and by what the black thread did on the blue background. I’ve always tried to match my threads to the fabric but found that this contrast created more tension and interest.

I then added stacks of red beads around the heart on the blue side.

There is no sleeve — I found it more pleasing to flip it as my mood suited me. There is currently no signature, but I will embroider my name & year onto the bottom right of the blue side once the swap has been made.


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