Bubble Bath

Collaboration with Leisa Rich

March 2015
41 1/4″ x 28 1/4 “

Bubble Bath

The artists convey colors of light as they emerge through the soap and wax and look like shiny pieces of glass sparkling through.

Techniques: machine applique, machine embroidery, machine quilting, inkjet transfer printing

Materials: cotton, plastic, canvas, ink, thread

Wash & Wax: A Collaboration, Abernathy Arts Center, Sandy Springs, GA September/October 2015

Wash & Wax: A Collaboration, Hammond Gallery, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL March/April 2016

Fierce Fibers, The Art Place, Marietta, GA September 2016



  • Barai
    #1 written by Barai  2 years ago

    That is so beautiful…there’s shmetoing so specially uncanny about wax. (I imagine this is the kind of thing Damien Hirst wishes he could achieve. All his factory-produced parodies of momento mori and vanitas that are in the news these days are beginning to annoy me a bit….)

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