Celestial Home

April 2011
68 1/4 x 30 1/2
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Celestial HomeI created this piece to convey a sense of expansiveness. The snowy mountain peak juts out above the cloud layer, and the eagle flies about in his own personal Elysium.

The bald eagle was chosen for the emblem of the United States on June 20, 1782 by the Continental Congress. Benjamin Franklin opposed this — thinking that the Wild Turkey was more American. At the time, the bald eagle was thought to be unique to North America and exemplified “fierce independence, unwavering strength, long life, majestic beauty, and great courage” (eHow). It is said that bald eagles were awoken by the first Revolutionary battles, and that they came screaming down over the heads of those in combat. With a wingspan of 79 to 80 inches (at least 10 inches longer than the width of this quilt), I’m sure that they represented a formidable opponent to the enemy.

Nine Strands: Taking Flight, The Art Place, Marietta, GA July 2011

Celestial Home detail

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