The White Raven

April 2013
40 1/4 x 32 1/4

The White RavenI came across a wonderful set of pictures recently by bird photographer Mike Yip. He has an entire website of pictures of birds he took at Qualicum Beach in the Vancouver Islands. This happens to be the home of a very rare creature — the white raven. These are not albinos with red eyes — but rather white ravens with striking blue eyes. Mike has the only pictures of these birds taken in their natural habitat.

On my design wall, I have a newspaper clipping from many years ago about the black ravens kept at the Tower of London. It seemed to make sense for my white raven to visit a place of legend.

White raven inspired by a photo by Mike Yip. The Tower of London inspired by a photo by Viki Male.

International Quilt Festival/Houston: World of Beauty, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX October/November 2013

The White Raven detail

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