It’s been so wonderful embarking on this creative adventure with Ginny! Collaborations stretch individuals in a variety of different ways. I also feel like I am making a new friend…and one can never have too many of those. Especially artists. We face a lot of rejection and need others to frequently bolster our self-esteem and pat us on the back!

Specifically for me, it will be a great lesson in getting better at sharing. Ginny has such great ideas and mad technical skill; I have much to learn from her dedication, sense of direction and focus. I am a strong-willed artist used to working mostly on my own, with a great passion and excitement about what I do, so giving up control for someone else’s idea, and staying focussed on ONE idea, can be a challenge for me. Ginny has expressed the scariness of tackling the larger format and abstract nature of my car wash photos we are using as a departure for the concept, so that will be the hurdle she will overcome through this process. We will both surely grow from this experience!

As we pass these pieces back and forth and engage in creative conversations about them, we will both have to think in new ways. I hope you, the readers, will gain something from our experience!