Faces in Cloth II

I was so excited yesterday to find out that my quilt Faces in Cloth II was juried into Art Quilts XII (http://members.aol.com/sdihowell/artquilts.htm).  I have not entered into this exhibition before, but I have decided to spend more time entering art quilt only shows.  Last year, I discovered that none of my quilts were eligible for entry into AQS/Paducah because they fall between 24 and 40 wide — and AQS has no category for this size.  I made a portrait quilt over 40 inches — but it felt wrong and I was doing it for the wrong reasons — so I have been putting my energies into other areas.  Art Quilts XII seemed like a great place to start, and I am ecstatic to be included.

This is my 2nd start at a blog.  I had a rough start with WordPress but I think that I have all of the kinks worked out.  This month, I also had 2 quilts juried into the World of Beauty exhibit at IQA/Houston — Faces in Cloth IV & Faces in Cloth V.

Faces in Cloth IV

Faces in Cloth V

This is my first time to work in a series and I am learning so much.  I am currently taking a break from portraits but hope to start another in the coming weeks.

I will also have a 3rd quilt in Houston this year — I just finished my quilt for the non-juried Journal Quilt exhibition.  The rules prohibit me from sharing it publically until the opening on the Oct. 31st — but I have the pics ready to go when that day comes.