The opening reception for the Fiber Art Fusion group exhibit “Transformations” was last night at The Art Place at Mountainview in Marietta, GA. The exhibit will be available for viewing though August 22.

I took several pictures that I wanted to share. Some of them are a little distorted as I am a relatively short person and the pieces were placed higher than my eye level — but you can still the inspired design and wonderful use of color.

This is my piece, Keeping an Eye on the Garden. It is currently for sale $250.

I tried to take pictures of the artist with their piece when possible.

Ann Quandee’s piece “Colors of My Life” was used for marketing the exhibit:

Denny Webster posed with her piece:

Sharon Ahmed’s “Upside Down”:

Julie Kokan’s “House Book”:

Hellene Vermillion’s “Untitled” on the left and “From Eternity to Here” on the right:

Heidi Miracle-McMahill wasn’t there to share the joy with us (and I for one really missed her), but I snapped this of her piece “Free Woman Dancing”:


Rebecca Reasons Edwards has been trying to move this summer (with an unbelievable amount of difficulty that I won’t go into — only add that she needs us to send positive energy her way) and wasn’t able to finish her Barack Obama quilt (which is incredible), but I caught her in front of Helenne’s piece:


This is our group shot. A few members had left by the time it was taken, but this is most of us:

I have to include this shot of moms & sons. There were a lot of supportive family members that came out to cheer us on:

These are just a few more I took.

Ruta Wilk”When I Behold Thy Heavens”:

Mary Martin Akers “Universe”:


Carmen Beggs “Anega Da Vida, Baby”:

These are all of the participating artists:

Sharon Serrano Ahmed
Judy Alexander
Mary Martin Akers
Ellen Apte
Carmen Beggs
Margaret Betz
Wendy Blanton
Paula Coplon
Suzanne Freed
Virginia Greaves
Barbara Korey
Julie Runyan Kokan
Heidi Miracle-McMahill
Janet O’Brien
Ann Quandee
Rebecca Reasons Edwards
Kristin Rodriquez
Deborah A. Smith
Hellenne Vermillion
Denny Webster
Ruta Wilk
Karen Zimmerman

By the way, I picked up my machine this afternoon. I also spoke with the mechanic again and he said that he thought that the machine had enough lint buildup that that could have been causing the sensor problems. Hmmm. Now why didn’t he say that before he tried to charge me $1,000? Once the kids are back in school, I’ll spend some time with it and let you know if it is, in fact, behaving any better. I was surprisingly relieved to get it back home. As discouraged as I’ve been, I still felt warm and fuzzy to see it. Let’s hope that that lasts.