Last night, my Fiber Art Fusion group met & had a drawing workshop led by Mary Akers. She is such a talented teacher and was able to bring out the best work in all of her students. No tears — no mad dashes for the door. Using a still life & charcoal, these are the 2 pieces I did using different techniques:



I had so much fun that I may start drawing more. I have a sketchbook, but I don’t use it much. Most of what I do is on the computer.

I have been working on a new portrait of a friend of mine, Susan. When I first printed out the pattern, it was way too large, so I shortened it — and it still seems huge — but I’ve done a few in the 32 x 38 range. It is in the netherworld between 24″ and 40″ that will exclude it from many shows — but it is what is best for a portrait, IMHO.

This is a picture of the pattern traced onto vinyl on top of the base layer of muslin I fuse to.


I have picked out my face fabrics and will start my favorite part today — fusing & cutting!