It must be the season for liturgical stoles. I have been working on one for my Anglican priest and decided that he should have it in time for Easter. As I was making a page for it on my website, I noticed that someone else on QuiltArt has recently posted several stoles that she has done.

Jonathan is Anglican — but fairly nontraditional — and was interested in having a stole that he could wear throughout the church seasons. It only made sense to make it with a rainbow. I painted the colors on white fabric — blended them — added salt — and then let it sit on my design table knowing it needed more. I wasn’t sure what. I thought about it a lot & knew that time was ticking by. I eventually stamped gold filigree on it — but it wasn’t enough. I finally decided on a Celtic knot stamped in purple.  OK — that seemed to make it come together. Then I reverse appliqued a cross on each side and a dove on each shoulder (reverse since the fabric is satin and would shred like crazy if I put it on top). I used some watermark purple taffeta I had in my stash for the lining — and finished it today.


You can also see detail shots of it on my website page here. The camera went nuts with the color range and the sparkle, but I did the best I could.

By the way, I spent quite a bit of time worrying about a pattern. I didn’t really want to guess on the neckline. I finally found a copy of Simplicity’s discontinued #7950 for sale on eBay. It baffles me that there is such a demand for liturgical garments and no-one is currently providing patterns for them.