Although this may sound like a discussion of waist size, it’s actually about envelopes. When you enter an juried exhibition, you generally know by the size of the envelope whether or not your piece was accepted. It is the same when sending applications to colleges. A fat envelope tells you that you got in — the skinny envelope is <hopefully> a polite decline.

I was lucky enough yesterday to receive a fat — and a skinny. One acceptance — one rejection. I value humility as a character trait so I can swallow the rejection — and certainly, it’s more digestible with a fat envelope in the other hand.

For those in the know, I’m talking about the International Quilt Festival World of Beauty exhibition to be held in Houston in November of this year. I am thrilled to be included. I’m still holding out hope that some day I’ll win something — “hope springs eternal” right?

Both of my entries were in the “Art: People, Portraits, & Figures” category. The one going to Houston is Rwandan Lady:

I hope she does well.

I try to show each piece at least once, so I now have 2 other pieces from this year to put out into the world. I’ll have to start thinking about other venues.