Last Thursday night, my Fiber Art Fusion art group had our annual art exhibit opening at The Art Place in Marietta, GA. The theme this year was Artifact, and it was interesting to see all of the interpretations.

Rebecca Reasons-Edwards made this wonderful piece from an old dress. After losing a bunch of weight, she unraveled it and wrapped it around wire to form this beautiful and inspiring piece called Boom Boom Diet Power.

Boom Boom Diet Power – Rebecca Reasons-Edwards

Sharon Ahmed made this beautiful piece called Beauty Discovered.

Beauty Discovered – Sharon Serrano Ahmed

Hellenne Vermillion who teaches silk painting made this bright piece, Spring Geckos.

Spring Geckos – Hellenne Vermillion

Paula Coplon surprised us with this wonderful silk piece that hangs from a wooden bough called Lost and Found.

Lost and Found – Paula Coplon

Martha Edwards Myers made this piece Grandmother’s Garden inspired from traditional methods and yet updated with modern touches. (She also made her exquisite dress.)

Grandmother’s Garden – Martha Edwards Myers

Denny Webster created Sixteen Doors. (She is moving away soon and I will miss her greatly.)

Sixteen Doors – Denny Webster

Deb Lacative made these four inspirational pieces: top left – The Wood, bottom left – Stars Out of Place, top right – Winter Behind Us, bottom right – Watchover.

Deb Lacativa

The wonderful bird quilts were made by Debbie Smith – Uguisi and Uguisi II. She also made the Plum Blossom vessels as accompaniments — and the black vessel Caddo Nation Vessel. Lynn Rinehart made the red vessel Red Three Fold Cord.

Debbie Smith & Lynn Rinehart

These are both of my pieces — Arminta Patterson and — the portrait made from men’s ties that I finished just in time for the show — The Ties That Bind Us.

Arminta Patterson & The Ties That Bind Us – Virginia Greaves

It’s a great show and will be up through the 27th of this month. There are 65 pieces in the show this year so you must visit the gallery to see everything.