I’ve had a Twitter account for a while (@vsgreaves) but I’ve only recently started using it. I read a lot & I’ve started sharing links to articles I find interesting — about art, architecture, photography, Apple, creativity, inspiring people.

I thought I would experiment with sharing the weekly article links here in the blog — for those that aren’t into Twitter & don’t want to miss out on what’s going on in this wide and wonderful world.

“SAPVoice: Why Artists Know More About Customer Experience Than You Do – Forbes” http://t.co/V7E8o4V3N9

“Fear Giving a Price Quote? The art of the Deal Memo – Maria Brophy¬†|¬†Maria Brophy” http://t.co/ygLkga9fZH

“How to Paint Like Vermeer, as Explained by a Techie” http://t.co/nayDcoeQ6j

On The Importance of Developing Your Creative Vision http://t.co/erQyAPVjD9

Reader Photos Roundup: October 6, 2013 http://t.co/VVHSPWPnNA

Commit to Imperfection – http://t.co/VbHZOuleXH

“A New York Apocalypse, Hidden in Plain Sight” http://t.co/vZAUycU3cM

Check it out! I donated to Rebeccas Run for Lymes&Cancer Treatment http://t.co/T8aHrnBaSz

Quilting hits the art world in NY: http://t.co/JvpxQkVZQk

“Women of Vision: The Female Photographers of National Geographic” http://t.co/QlW5w1ZUx9

7 Positives Only Introverts Would Understand http://t.co/eKvMsJCBam

Top 12 Hacks for Making Your Gadgets Better with Sugru http://t.co/XGLcSlezip