So I was thinking about what I could call my weekly Twitter round-up and I thought I’d try out TWEEK! It’s a little melodramatic for me — but it’s the end of the week and a little excitement might be just the thing to bring things back into perspective.

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Big this week — Banksy, street artist visiting New York, creates buzz — and Cody Foster rips off independent artist causing outrage on the internet.

Creative Kleptomania: Steal Like An Artist: 

“The Power of One Human of New York” — long but great insight into HONY photographer

Alleged Copyright Theft Goes Viral –

“Banksy Goes Japonaiserie in Brooklyn [UPDATE 3]” — I confess to being a growing Banksy fan

Banksy Secretly Sells Original Signed Art for $60 on Streets 

Tell Your Story, Sell More Art: 

West Elm pulls all Cody Foster products: