My Fiber Art Fusion group had our annual show reception last night. (It will continue to be on public display at The Art Place in Marietta through the month of September.) The theme this year was Motus — or Movement — which was a tough one for me. My first thought was to do an optical illusion — more abstract than what I usually do, but I wanted to see if it could be done in fabric. I used colors from the American flag & created Altered States of America:

When I made this piece, I showed it to a friend of mine that couldn’t see it — which I really didn’t understand — until another friend told me that some people can’t see optical illusions. (Learn something new every day.)

I also made this much larger piece, We the People:

and included a piece I made earlier in the year, Cracked:

I think it was a very successful show, and I was honored to be included with such a wonderful group of women (and Ben).