So here it is — almost the end of the month — and I’m still working away. I’ve FINALLY finished cutting it all out. I had great momentum last week — and then I had a week of Thanksgiving and other things to attend to.

Today I came back into the studio and added the background. This always takes longer than I think it will. Rather than a whole piece, I went with a small range of yellows. Since the bottom of the piece is so grounded in cool colors, I knew I had to use a hot color to spark interest. The piece just shouted that it wanted yellow. It is interesting to me to see how I have come to understand the color wheel working through fabrics.

Can you see her squinting into the sun?

Now I go into the stitching. It looks done — but there is actually quite a lot left to do. I have three weeks until Christmas break. I should have enough time to finish the applique and quilting — at a dead run — but I’m planning to get it done and start something new in January.