I have finished my Amelia Earhart piece — you can view it in detail here. I finished her just in time for the end of the month. (If I didn’t set deadlines for myself I’d never finish anything.)

I even had time left over to ship my Childhood quilt to the Quilt Symposium in Alabama. They called me recently & I asked if I would send it for their 10th Anniversary Best of Show exhibit to be held in June. (I recently added this one to the website so that people attending that show could see it online if they wanted to. I still haven’t put everything on since I migrated to having the full website in WordPress — but the Early Work tab has a lot of new quilts added recently.) This was the very first quilt that I ever entered into a show, and I remember being completely floored when I walked in & saw that Best of Show award. It was a high honor and I am so grateful for having received it. Although I haven’t been that lucky since, it showed me that I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

And of course my entry to the International Quilt Festival: World of Beauty show has been sent. The deadline is the day after tomorrow and for the first time, I managed to send it early enough that I didn’t need to send it with special postage. I hope to be included again this year. It’s in Houston and I’ve never been lucky enough to go myself. My quilts have always traveled more than me — but I think that that is really more because I have children in school. Once they are both in college, I’ll have the chance to go to the shows — maybe even travel teach.

I usually stop working for the summer but I’m thinking about one more piece to do for the show in July. I’m still in the planning stages, but when I have more, I’ll take pictures and be sure to share.