The hair — I went a little overboard with the hair on both of these figures. I need to remember that I still have to sew it when I’m finished cutting it out. I’m appliqueing the first one now — but I still need to show the development of the hair on the 2nd figure.

There are seven values in her hair — going all the way from the lightest blond to a very black shadow. This shows the very light yellow.

The next shade is more honeyed.

The third value is golden.

The fourth is a great fabric between gold and brown.

The fifth value is the foundational brown.

The sixth is a darker brown.

And the final value is the black.

When I first started doing hair, I would not have thought I could go so far in my color range — from lightest yellow into black — but actually I think it gives a remarkable depth.

Keep in mind that this piece is all fused to a fusing sheet. I can now peel her off and move her head around at will. And I do. I put both heads on my black design wall and it gives a neat effect.