Most of my week was spent twittering my adventures in Houston — and I didn’t spend a lot of time finding articles to share. I do have a few of them though that I’ll share here. I’ll save my Houston timeline for a separate blog post.

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“Banksy’s New Piece Is Waiting at a Strip Club for Love” : my fascination with Banksy continues #banksy  This is a really cool piece — a man with a hat leaning against the wall. It was painted on a rolling garage door though so I suspect that the owners will take it down soon.

“Banksy’s Growing NYPD Problem [UPDATE 2]” : Get #Banksy !! New York has strict laws against tagging — and they’re hot on Banksy’s trail trying to bring him to justice. (There’s a part of me that gets a thrill from defying authority — go Banksy!)

“If You Spray It, They Will Come …” #banksy #whatisart …

Slaves of the Internet, Unite! This is about how artists — writers, musicians, painters — all of us creatives — are often asked to produce work for free.

Great article on negotiating the art world: 

That’s it for this week! I didn’t have a lot of time to read — but I suspect I’ll make up for it in the coming days. Next week’s Tweek! promises to be extra long.