There were so many quilts at Festival — I thought I had seen them all, but reading the blogs of other visitors, I realize how much I missed.

Obviously, I loved all of the art quilts. I’m not as interested in the traditional pieces — although I love to marvel over the handwork and stitching of Sharon Schamber’s work.

I did, by the way, really REALLY wanted to take pics of some of the exhibits — I had security guards follow me around since I had a camera in my hand — but other than the World of Beauty, most of the other ones had signs up declaring no pictures allowed. I loved SAQA’s portrait exhibit — which has made me think about re-joining.

These are the pictures of pieces that caught my eye. I have given attribution to each artist and a link to their website.

Sandy Curran‘s Jack


Marilyn Belford‘s The Wrath of Poseidon


Jennifer Bowker‘s The Quiltmaker — I particularly love this piece — not just for the color — but for the teeth. Few people are willing to appliqué teeth — I love seeing how someone else would do it.


Jennifer Day‘s Boy and His Best Friend


Barbara McKie‘s Caught in the Act — the use of trapunto in such a non-traditional way made this piece really come alive and feel dimensional.


Jan Reed‘s Ancient Echoes


Jane Haworth‘s Brian the Basilisk


Honey, I Can’t Find My Earrings! by Maggie Stimson, Edith Harmer, Donna Parker, Diane May, Pat Durbin, Rosalinda Brainerd, and Gerry Smetzer — fantastic slice quilt!


A close up shot of Christine Alexiou‘s Septum Peccata Mortalia (Seven Deadly Sins).


Kathy York‘s Windows


David Taylor‘s Did You Wash Your Beak?


The quilting on this was so fabulous I had to take a close-up shot.

David Taylor's Did You detail

David Taylor‘s Cock of the Walk


I hate to say that this is the end — but it is. Houston was such a grand adventure and I loved every minute of it.