twitter.jpgI had every intention of having some creative time this week. Although my girls would be home from school — and my mom was arriving late Wednesday — surely I would have some studio time — right? I didn’t factor in keeping the girls entertained or the huge meal I had to prepare. I converted my studio into a guest room and didn’t look back.

Now that my guest is gone — well . . . .all of the Christmas decorations had to go up. Two days. No studio time.

The good news is that the girls go back to school tomorrow and I’m hoping for some studio time.

And sadly, I didn’t get to read much — so I didn’t Tweet much either — all sucked into the time warp that we call Thanksgiving.

My mom is an impressionist oil painter, so from the time I was very young, I’ve been fond of Impressionist work — so I could this article about Imelda Marcos’s assistant interesting:
“Former Imelda Marcos Assistant Convicted in Impressionist Art Fraud”

“Artists Auction Their Facebook Profiles” 

“Branding Your Art Business” 

Sadly, there is a German law that will probably keep the original owners of the Nazi stolen work from every retrieving their property:
“Weekend Words: Law” 1938 German law makes return of Nazi stolen works unlikely