Last Thursday was the opening reception of Fierce Fibers at The Art Place in Marietta. It’s a beautiful show in a beautiful space.

This is Sharon Ahmed with her heavily threaded piece Why Is There a Rooster in my Garden? The rooster was dimensional.



This is my co-curator Rebecca Reasons Edwards with her¬†Mighty Women pieces. There are five of them so far in this series — women of strength in Rebecca’s life — and we hope that there are many more of them to come. (You may recognize our friend Julie Kokan in the bottom left piece.)FF_Rebecca


This is Hellenne Vermillion with three of her masks — from the left — Blue Sky Spirit Mask, Lunar Spirit Mask, and Bird Spirit Mask.¬†FF_Hellenne

And then this is all of us having fun. The silk scarf around my neck was a present from Hellenne that night. I’m so glad she chose purple — I love it.


We had three different cameras that Rebecca’s husband was rotating through to take pictures. Thank goodness we had a patient and willing photographer. He also took some stop-motion photography of the whole affair that will be fun to watch.


I couldn’t resist pulling out my fisheye lens to get a picture of the gallery in its entirety. There is obvious distortion but it’s fun to have a shot of everything at once. (That’s Leisa Rich’s teapot and top entitled Falling from the Nest on the two pedestals.)


Thank you to everyone that took time out of your busy lives to come to the reception. It meant a lot to see familiar faces showing up to support our art. For the artists that were not able to attend — you were greatly missed. We raise a glass to your efforts — all great artists and mighty women of Fierce Fibers!

This show will remain on exhibit through October 3rd. The gallery is officially open Monday through Thursday 10am – 5pm — but I’m told that although they don’t have official weekend hours, they’re almost always open on Saturday and Sunday.