Although I’m not a big Charlie Sheen fan, I can see him in my mind’s eye, grinning and proclaiming “Winning!” I think that’s a little bit how I felt last week — like I had been through a tremendous storm but come out on top after all.

I got an email last week from Mary Mattimoe with whom I have corresponded with in the past. We both have pieces in Art Quilts XIX in AZ, and she was able to see the exhibit in person and take pictures. Luckily, she took a pic of my piece Golden Moment and sent it to me.

Art Quilts XIX

Photograph courtesy of Mary Mattimoe

It’s a wonderful venue and I love the lighting on the piece. You can even see the background quilting — which on that batik, is impressive (the lighting not the quilting).

And you see that little card down there in the right hand corner? It says “Juror’s Choice” and “Third Place.” Awesome sauce!

I also received my packet from IQF-Houston a couple of days ago. It included a check for the sale of Worry (#winning) and my third place ribbon.

I was hesitant to open the envelope with the judge’s notes. Even on a winning piece, they can create some moments of humble pie. But even there, the judges loved the piece and gave it high marks. After the scathing criticism I received from members on QuiltArt, it was nice to have judges with prominent resumes of their own support what I’m trying to do in my work. (#winning)

Love me or hate me, I’ll be here tomorrow — just doing my thing.