Yesterday, an artist friend of mine asked if I wanted to join her & her friends to visit another artist — a sculptor. So we loaded up in her convertible Volvo (she let me drive which was great fun), and we headed into the countryside in search of inspiration.

When I was younger, I always wanted to “make good time” and I always took the highway — but in recent years, I have found great joy in learning the back roads of our beautiful country. Although at times I hesitate to mention that I live in Alabama given how rural it is and how much it lacks cosmopolitan appeal — there is nothing that beats a drive through the countryside of our fair state. Blue sky and light and cool breeze — and four crazy artists in a convertible looking for trouble.

We had a wonderful time and found several treasures — including a very large piece of PVC pipe I hope to use in the near future for shibori — but while exploring the house that the artist built with her husband, I found this quilt:

Ruth Roswal’s Tie Quilt

It was created by Ruth Roswal, the owner’s mother-in-law. I have made several pieces from men’s ties — a portrait quilt with the ties framing the face, at least 5 pillows, a tie purse — and I love the look of the silk and the masculine, rich colors. I have never seen a quilt constructed in this way — designed to show off the beauty of each of the ties, preserving the tie points. It is hand-quilted with quarter fans in the four corners. Beautiful.