I have finally completed Bukonyan Elder. I was amazed at how long she took me — but I’ve been very busy the last few months with family obligations. It was tough to get her to a certain level of completion and then watch her unattended on my design wall. You can see her new page here.

So I must be busily working away on my next piece, right? No, unfortunately not.

Creative Gridlock

My last string of pieces all fell into place perfectly. As I was working on one, another inspiration would come to me and I knew exactly where to start when one ended. But I was not so lucky this time. That creative wall has risen up in front of me.

Not having my next piece all ready mapped out has left me feeling a little lost. Not that I haven’t been here before. The question is rather — what do I do from here?

Creative Process as a Means of Moving Forward

And I think that the answer is — a study. Something small — probably not my first choice — but I need to do something rather than sitting here staring at my computer screen. Moving past a creative block means doing something — rather than nothing.