i had previously written that I wasn’t going to share my latest piece since it is an invitational piece — but I’ve changed my mind. The truth is that the writing process is helpful to me to work through issues in my work — and I like sharing.

I decided not to make a portrait for this exhibit — something that truthfully pained me. I find so much fascination in the human visage — that I can’t seem to find in landscapes. (The easy answer is that my mom does landscapes so I do something different.) But there is an animal in it — an eagle. I want it to look like a panoramic shot with the eagle entering the piece from the right — getting ready to swoop past the tops of snow covered mountain peaks.

As usual, the animal was easy — the mountains gave me a hard time.

It is unfinished. The background is not intended to be white. I could just slap a blue on there — but I’m beginning to think that that may be too easy of a way out. But I’m also stuck as to what to do. I don’t want clouds — they would distract from the snow and mist. Decisions decisions.