I finally finished Just Call Me Jack. I was really trying to finish before the end of the month so I could start the new month fresh with a new piece, but on Monday, I kept sticking the needle through my finger as I was trying to sew on the binding, and I decided that I should only have to donate so much of my blood for a new piece — and finished the next day (with a metal thimble).

Now I am working on a piece for an invitational exhibit in July. The theme is Taking Flight. I am much better at making what I want to and then using my creative writing skills to fit a piece into a theme, but this time, I’m doing it the other way around and working with the theme. I would only do this for close friends — but I’m making the most of it. I am drafting it now. I may not share it since it is for a special exhibit and it should properly have its unveiling there. It’s also not a portrait — although it is illustrative. Let’s hope it works.