Now that the new year has begun, it is time to start looking forward. This year, I’m planning more than I have in the past. Maybe by sharing goals on my blog, I’ll feel more accountable.

I went back and forth on some of these. The truth of the matter is that as much as I would like gallery representation, I know from my mom, a very talented impressionist painter, that the galleries in Atlanta typically demand 20 of your newest pieces with a regular rotation. My current mode of working requires a month or two to complete one piece. Last year, I completed only six pieces. So it comes down to the desire to enter exhibitions versus gallery representation (even if I could produce enough work to satisfy the inventory demands of a gallery). I could put both on my goals list, but I know that realistically, only one will work. I chose exhibitions.

Reverse Round Back

I am, however, considering starting a different series of smaller pieces that I could complete more quickly and that I could then list on some online galleries. I’m going to experiment with that. You’ll notice I put it at the bottom of the list with asterisks as caveats. I’m uncertain about these goals for several reasons — we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also planning to start writing more on my Facebook Page and my blog — and I’ll be visiting my local galleries, getting to know them, and then I’ll share all of that local flavor with you. There are a LOT more galleries than I thought in my town — but I think that it’s important to get to know your local art scene as intimately as possible. I’ve been cooped up in my studio a bit too much. Time to get out and shake things up a bit. EVENTUALLY I hope to add some galleries in downtown Atlanta — but for now, I’m starting small.

  • Have at least 2 years of my blog printed into hardback books (plan to use
  • Design & print new business cards.
  • Take a photography class (probably
  • Develop a workshop on Choosing Fabrics Creatively.
  • Finish a piece to enter Sacred Threads 2013.
  • Develop new method for designing quilt labels on the Apple platform so that I can finally pitch my PC.
  • Complete the first draft of a book about Textile Portraits.
  • Join Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance.
  • Increase blog posts to once a week.
  • Create at least six portraits.
  • Create an Art Contact email and snail mail list.
  • Double the number of Facebook Page fans.
  • Enter at least 6 different exhibitions.
  • Update Facebook banner with newer work.
  • Post to Facebook Page 3x per week.
  • Visit at least 12 art galleries in Roswell and write a review of at least one exhibition per gallery.
  • Increase web traffic 20% from last year.
  • Make spreadsheet with goals and dates to monitor progress.
  • *** Make two small pieces per month.
  • *** List small work on or