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I shop at JoAnn’s — so there. But there are times that it can be one of the worst places on earth. I really think it is one of the places that customer service has died:
Some bad language – but JoAnn’s can often be a gateway to hell: 

Anyone looking for copyright free images for their artwork should review the new Creative Commons 4.0 licenses:
“Creative Commons Goes More Global With Version 4.0” 

I use WordPress for my blog — and my entire website. Choosing a theme is like choosing the wrapper for your product. Give it some thought:
“A Guide to WordPress Ecommerce Themes for Artist Websites” 

This is an interesting article about yet another independent artist having their work taken out from under them by a fairly well-known director:
“Spike Lee Doesn’t Do the Right Thing [UPDATED]” More copyright news to consider. 

As artists, there are certain habits that we need to consider harmful to the development of our work:
10 Things You Probably Do That Block Your Creativity via @lifehackorg via @FortheCreators

This is a great checklist of things that artists need to update in their annual planning and goal setting:
15 Point Checklist for a Successful #art business in 2014 via @ArtsyShark

R.I.P. “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” -Nelson Mandela via @ATLFlipFlops

My mom is a professional oil painter so I’ve always had an idea of how to handle requests for art donations, but many artists don’t realize exactly how unfair the process is to the artist until after they’ve paid their taxes:
How to Respond to Requests for Art Donations via @ArtsyShark