Another busy holiday week full of family and no studio time. Tomorrow we have one last day of vacation and then hopefully I can go back to the family portrait I’ve been working on.

Not a lot to share this week – just a few articles from the few moments I was able to read.

This article is a nice summation of what Banksy brings to the art scene. Love him or hate him, the man knows how to create discussion around art:
“The Vilification of Banksy’s Success”

No matter what goes on in life, the only constant in life is ART!
“The Only Constant in Life …” 

Another engaging discussion from Edward Winkleman regarding what it takes to be considered a legitimate COLLECTOR of art and why you would want to do that:
“To Earn That Uppercase “C”” … ensuring that the best art of our generation is preserved for posterity. 

OK — this one has no good reason to be here other than it’s entertaining. Given the wretched cold conditions attacking North America, Canada is currently on the same level as Mars in terms of weather. How does that interact with boiling water in a SuperSoaker?
Watch what happens when you use a SuperSoaker on a -42°F day