twitter.jpgThis is a bad evening. I’m doing taxes. I just found out that — if you, as an artist, have hobby expenses over hobby income, then none of your hobby income is reported. However, if your hobby income is a dollar over hobby expenses — the ENTIRE AMOUNT of income is taxable — and it isn’t directly offset by hobby expenses. Hobby expenses are itemized deductions. I have a degree in accounting — and I am baffled by this. It is probably one of the most unfair things I have ever seen — although I always knew in tax class that the right answer was always the one that’s the most unfair to the taxpayer. I’m just so completely overwhelmed with what this says about our treatment of the arts in our society. I don’t make enough income to qualify as a business — but they’re going to penalize me for making anything. I feel like I’ve dropped into a hole — a doughnut — where I am penalized just for existing at all because I’m no longer in the red — but nor am I enough in the black.

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