When I moved to Atlanta, I started helping Rebecca curate an annual exhibit at The Art Place in Marietta, GA. At first I just showed up and held things for her, but over the years she has taught me more and more about curating. This year, we hung Fierce Fibers, an invitational exhibit including Sharon Serrano Ahmed, Rebecca Reasons Edwards, Deb Lacativa, Leisa Rich, Karen Reese Tunnell, Hellenne Vermillion, and me.

This is the show card I created (I had great images to work with though).

Fierce Fibers Show Card


Yesterday we gathered all of the work at the gallery for the hanging. Leisa came too — and she was a whirling dervish! I learned a lot from her too.

This is what it looked like with everything laid out before we started. (There are a few white circles on the wall of the two pics I have of the hanging. This was caused by the new studio lights and my camera — although they were not apparent on the wall in person.) Love the new wood floors.

This was the first time that we had too much work. It’s a much better feeling than not having enough to fill the space.

Fierce Fibers hanging 1

And then this is us after all of the work has been hung and arranged — Rebecca, me, and then Leisa. Less than two hours. I don’t know if you can tell but I had so much fun. To spend a day surrounded by art and then crafting it into an exhibit that people will enjoy viewing is the joy of curating.

Fierce Fibers hanging 2


We added the exhibit cards after this.

There are a few minor adjustments to make before the reception tomorrow. I’m still figuring out what I’m going to wear.