This has been a dreadful week. Last week, I tried to update my blog — and found out that although I have kept my WordPress site up to date — my hosting service has kept me on an extremely outdated Legacy server. It’s a reminder of how old my website is. They never upgraded it to new technology — according to them, because I never asked. Well I will now. I will make an annual appointment to call them and discuss the server administration of my website. It was hurtful to see the website crash because of server overload — that shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

I’m glossing over the painful specifics of dealing with GoDaddy. Now that the hard part is over, I will consider whether or not to continue that relationship in light of the past week. Although the website was view-able most of the week — I was unable to make any additions or changes. Not only do I have my final Houston notes to share, I have sold two pieces — The Bowl Judgments and Firecracker. I have also started a new piece.

But I digress. This post is about my weekly tweets. Please note that you would prefer to follow my tweets in real time, I can be reached at @vsgreaves — or through clicking the Twitter icon in the upper right hand side of the screen just above the menu.

This is a great photo of some street art in Tel Aviv:
Street Art Picture On Building in Tel Aviv: National Geographic

This is a wonderful project a woman created for making wheelchair artwork for Alzheimer’s patients:
Regina B Dunn: A Remarkable Project

Alleged Design Pirate Cody Foster Is Only Sorry They Were Caught By @drcrypt  via @FastCoDesign

“How to Build An Art Business While Working a Day Job” something I’m currently learning how to do 

I have really missed Banksy since his monthlong residency in NY ended — he brought such an immediate discussion of art into the mainstream:
“A Look at the Social Media Impact of #BanksyNY Residency” 

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without ~Cecil B. DeMille retweet @ArtsyShark

If you’re trying to find my website – the server is overloaded & the technical fix will take a couple of days. Hope to have it back up ASAP.

Thread sculptures (too cool not to share)  #amandamaccouver #thetextileblog

This is an amazing illusionary piece:
“Resurrecting an Illusion: Last Surviving Daguerre Diorama Restored” 

Last week, Hyperallergic had an article about the top 10 most famous artists as defined by famous artists, curators, & collectors. I couldn’t help but wonder about the artists that didn’t make the list — specifically a watercolorist  I know who has been personally collected by several living past US Presidents — which made me wonder about the effect of US Presidents on the art world. This is an older article but still fascinating — I had no idea that the permanent collection of the White House almost never collects the work of living artists:
A 2009 article about presidential art acquisitions & how they affect the art world: 

Let’s put things in perspective:
Artwork prices vs. baseball contracts: