twitter.jpgAnyone with children can attest to the fact that May is different. School is almost over, exams are coming, spring sports are ending, routines are changing. Everything is in turmoil and unpredictability is the order of the day. I know in my heart that it should be easy to find 15 hours in my week to devote purely to the studio — but the reality isn’t always what we want it to be. I am glad that I finished my large piece Worn in April or I would be stressed trying to finish it. At this point, I am working on a small piece that I can easily pick up in the odd half hour I can pick out of my day.

Which is to say, I am not currently in a normal week. I did find some great articles to share on Twitter though — hopefully the other Creatives out there will take the time to peruse them. This is my weekly wrap up. If you’d rather follow me in real time, I can be found at @vsgreaves. Social media icons are in the upper right above the menu.

My friend Leisa Rich writes a compelling argument on her blog for the responsibility of the artist for the longevity of their work.
“Lost Integrity: Where did yours go?”

The person recently found with a large collection of art confiscated by the Nazis — has died — creating a legal labyrinth of ownership problems.
“Cornelius Gurlitt, Hoarder of Nazi-Era Art, Dies [UPDATED]”

Lisa Call — an inspiring artist that I have followed for some time for her artistic marketing acumen — has quit her full time job to becomes a full time artist. She was already a powerhouse — I know that her full time commitment to her art will create even more opportunities for her.
“The power of commitment” Let’s hear it for Lisa Call & her commitment to her art!

I have been to hotels and cruises that sold limited edition prints of famous people. I’ve looked at a few and wondered their true worth — and it seems that my skepticism was warranted.
“Rip-Off Alert: Art forgeries cost victims millions”

Inspiration — a photographer that experiments with homemade light tools and long exposures to create stunning photographs.
RT @ArtsyShark: Art on Fire! The amazing portfolio of light paintings by Jordan Kjome

As a huge Dr. Seuss fan, I was surprised to come across this review by Brain Pickings on a little known book of nudes by the famous author of children’s books. The book was published for adults and yet the illustrations are completely innocent.
RT @brainpicker: The Seven Lady Godivas – Dr. Seuss’s little-known, body-positive “adult” book of nudes

Inspiration — a photographer captures stunning macro photographs of water droplets.
RT @mymodernmet: Stunning macro photos of water drops by Shawn Knol

If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough. Not matter what the world throws at you, go make art.
RT @brainpicker: “Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before.”Advice from Neil Gaiman