It’s time for my weekly TWEEK! twitter round-up.

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I’ve become quite a Banksy fan during his visit to Brooklyn this past month. It’s hard to believe that it’s come to a close — but it’s been great fun seeing the excitement that he’s created, the way he’s inspired conversations on art in that community (and online) — and let’s face it, “everyone loves a rebel Harry.”

TWEET: “Coney Island’s Banksy Robot, Busy Weekend in Brooklyn [UPDATE 2]”

TWEET: “Banksy’s New Work Reflects on Banality of Evil, Benefits Charity [UPDATE 2]” 

TWEET: “Banksy Creates a Bronx Zoo, Invader Invades NYC, Awesome Banksy GIFs” 

Can you believe that someone hid 1,500 works of art in their walls in Munich? And that the father of the current owner did this under the auspices of the Nazis?
TWEET: “1,500 Works of Nazi-Looted Art Discovered in Munich”

TWEET: “Don’t Give It Away for Free!” Response to NYT article “Slaves of the Internet Unite!” 

This is just plain interesting — taking famous portrait paintings and staging them with real actors for photography: 

We like to think that large corporations don’t steal ideas from independent artists, but unfortunately it happens more than we care to realize:
TWEET: Urban Outfitters steals from independent artist — not cool! 

I find it fascinating that an artist goes into public spaces and creates in promptu thread sketches with her sewing machine. Even better, she’s done it in a Chinese factory where they make shoes by hand.
TWEET: Traveling Textile Performance Artist: 

Sometimes I come across an artist whose work just has to be shared:
TWEET: Intricately Detailed Murals of Animals Living in Harmony – My Modern Metropolis via @mymodernmet

TWEET: Why creative people sometimes make no sense: 

One of my sources for finding great articles to share is the RSS reader Feedly. It’s currently down on Saturday, the night I like to catch up on what is going on in the art world.
TWEET: Feedly is down. It’s Saturday night. What do I do now? #Feedly #signofareader

Knowing Feedly was down and watching all of the angry tweets arising out of the chaos, I went in search of why and found this explanation.
TWEET: The tyranny of Google+ continues! Now #Feedly requires it to log in… but they’re already backing down.