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Dealing with the Abyss


The Abyss

I have completed my latest piece, The Abyss. Again, I find that I am reluctant to talk about it very much. I wrote an artist’s statement for it which I promptly deleted before I published it. Sometimes, it is best to let the art speak for itself.

This is another abstract piece but entirely my own. It is a figure that has been highly stylized with photo manipulation on the computer. Once I was happy with it, I worked with a fabulous company out in Anthem, AZ, called Studio West. In the past, I’ve printed digital pieces on my little printer and then sewn the pieces together — or more recently, I had a piece printed at Spoonflower. You get what you pay for. The Studio West piece is printed on silk — which I haven’t worked with before — and the small business owners work very closely with the artist to authentically reproduce the image onto fabric in the highest resolution and with the truest color matching. It was a joy to work with them.

Working with silk is interesting. It isn’t like cotton much at all. I had to stabilize it with a Pellon fusible interfacing so it wouldn’t slide all over the place. That requires some wet heat, and I learned that that also helped set the ink, although I still had some come off, so my pressing cloth and my ironing board suffered some ink injuries. I knew that I couldn’t use pins to baste the quilt layers together. Someone told me to baste just the outside, but if something is going to go horribly wrong, it’s going to go wrong on my watch. I had to have more control over it before I’d start running it under the needle. Some people said no to spray basting — others recommended it. I still had some from when I was making the Wash & Wax pieces with Leisa Rich, so I tried a light application. Thankfully, it worked like a dream.

Much faster than my heavily appliquéd pieces and it still gets the point across.

Silk To Dye For Exhibit


The Silk Painter’s of Atlanta are exhibiting right now at the South East Fiber Arts Alliance space downtown. My friend Hellenne Vermillion had several pieces in the show so I took one of my daughters with me to see it today.

Silk To Dye For Exhibit Card

Many people think of wearables when they think of silk, and this piece called Luna by Margaret Agner is a wonderful example. (It’s also laid out on the exhibit card above where you can see how it fans out beautifully at the ends.)

Luna by Margaret Agner $150

by Margaret Agner

There were also many pieces by Martha Andreatos. I loved the colors of the silk in this piece and how they are tiled together like a roof.

Colors by Martha Andreatos $225

by Martha Andreatos

This is another stunning piece from Martha.

Double Pears by Martha Andreatos $450

Double Pears
by Martha Andreatos

And this is a piece from Hellenne Vermillion. She has added a lot of hand stitching in this piece. I fear that the reflectiveness of the silk combined with the broad value range were too much for the camera on my iPhone — it doesn’t do the piece justice.

Koi Fish and Lotus Leaves by Hellenne Vermillion $450

Koi Fish and Lotus Leaves
by Hellenne Vermillion

This is one of Hellenne’s silk masks. She forms a clay mask and covers it with silk. This was my daughter’s favorite piece.

Tattoo Mask by Hellenne Vermillion $350

Tattoo Mask
by Hellenne Vermillion

This is another one of Hellenne’s pieces displayed on a canvas. I just love the heat coming off this one.

Fertility by Hellenne Vermillion $350

by Hellenne Vermillion

This is another piece by Martha, also painted silk on a canvas. It has a very luminous feel to it.

Contemplative Figure by Martha Andreatos $450

Contemplative Figure
by Martha Andreatos

And finally, another piece from Margaret. I love the playfulness of this one. It is a silk wrap hung vertically on the wall with pins. It would be stunning draped on someone’s shoulders.

Octopus Smiles by Margaret Agner $150

Octopus Smiles
by Margaret Agner

All of the work included in the exhibit was beautiful. Silk is such a vibrant medium and holds the color so well.

Please contact the artist individually if you are interested in their work.

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