I have just finished my latest piece, Arminta Patterson.

She is a straight forward portrait. I’m now looking for something not so straight forward. At this point, I know that I can make a realistic looking portrayal of a person in fabric. What more can I do? What makes a portrait of someone more than just a portrait — what elevates it to art? We all need to spend time growing.

I usually advocate just working on something — keep moving. Now I feel that I need to spend a little time in reflection — deciding what it is I want to say.

I just sold Bull Dawg (yay!) but I think it was because it was a market-able piece. I’m more likely to sell a piece that isn’t so personal. You can argue that you make art for it’s own sake but if you only make art for yourself, you’ll soon run out of storage — unless you start deconstructing  — but I don’t do much of that in my current series.

And yet I have to be inspired. I want to be inspired. I’m waiting for the Muse to come over and start moving things along.